Creative Being is all about collaboration. We work with creative individuals to raise awareness of social and political issues. Only when we work together, can we create global positive change.

Mental Health

A hand with a flower blossoming from the wrist.


Mi Chata Rodriquez creates this beautifully vulnerable and engaging piece to highlight even in our darkest moments, we can always find a small flower of hope.

Check out Mi Chata's work on Instagram @michata_mariana

Environmental Justice

An environmental poem.
The second paragraph of the poem.

Artist Tim Paddock uses poetry to highlight the environmental challenges biodiversity and humans face. Language is compelling; the right words in the right space and time can create strong alignments of positive change.

Check out Tim's work on Instagram @timpaddockart


Grey mountains with a light blue sky and a green sea below.
Wynonna Earp characters, Nicole Haught and Waverly Earp kissing with a blue and purple background.

Sarah Esteves uses watercolours to produce subtle colours and vibrant scenes that celebrate queer love. Her focus in the paintings above, Wayhaught, feature in the groundbreaking series, Wynonna Earp. The relationship between the characters, Waverly Earp and Nicole Haught, highlights how powerful queer representation can be on television when it is portrayed truthfully. 

Discover more on her Instagram @sarahlesteves