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Our Mission

Creative Being is an online platform focused on using creativity as a tool to influence and promote positive social and political change.

Born out of a passion and love for creativity and activism, we want to use our authenticity to change negative attitudes and create networks with creative individuals who want to make a difference.

Our societies are built on white supremacy, sexism, economic greed, racial injustice, speciesism, binary and heteronormative attitudes buried deep within the foundations of our lives.

This had led to the rise of capitalism, biodiversity loss, discrimination, violence and an unbalanced societal infrastructure.

But this can change.

By working together and utilising our skills and experiences, we can use our creativity and passions to raise awareness of the issues that are important to us. We have created seven towers which represent our passions and values. Check them out below!

It has never been more crucial that we stand together; to love and accept one another and embrace our authentic selves.

Funded by:

Santander & Start the Wave

(2019) & (2021)